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Davidson NYC

A tour around Kevin Osmond's exhibition at Davidson Contemporary, New York

When the lift doors open straight into the Davidson gallery, you are immediately struck by the complexity of Osmond's 'Chopstick structure' - a chaotic configuration of intertwining chopsticks built up from the floor into a giant haphazard spherical ball. A close-up view highlights the ends of each chopstick which are individually painted in assorted nail lacquer colours.

Moving into the main space within the gallery, a series of three wall-based 'Dripscape' sculptures in various tones of oceanic blue show outward, circular, spiralling patterns of softly flocked balls.  Slightly disturbing to the eye, the effect is not unlike looking at a Bridget Riley painting, but then the English sculptor often references the great British landscape tradition in a contemporary context. His 'scapes' look upward to space, inspired by stars and firework explosions to create the 'Spiral' and 'Sparkler' series of drawings.

In a side room, Osmond's latest kinetic 'Constellation' sculpture gently revolves, casting a shadow of entwined lines and spheres all around the room. In an adjacent room, a smaller 'Dripscape' resonates on its own - a relief structure reminiscent of wave forms, directly relating to 'Astrolix' on the neighbouring wall - a spiralling wave of glossy resin that bulges out from the wall.

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